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We can help convert any design you have onto a working site, no code or program is too difficult for us to crack and no site too difficult to design. We take pride in creating websites and applications that are fast, fun, unconventional, user friendly and easy to use.

A perfect online experience requires a perfect combination of design style and technology which engages the user. We understand your need for a website and offer services to help you with just that. Check out some of our services on the right.

We can provide you with a complete package – from consulting and design, to development and hosting. Contact us today to get started

Like fashion websites designs too change! If you need to be ahead of your competion and want to make sure that your website is also an earning asset, updating your website will go along way in meeting these two goals.

Website Maintenance

Our Annual Maintenance System ensures that no website is outdated. With multiple pre designed AMS plans and customized plans to choose from, you can be rest assured that your website will be constantly updated, with information sent by you.

Web design service package technical services:

  • Artistic Design and Website layout
  • Creation of Web Graphics, Page Backgrounds or website skins.
  • Optimization of graphics to ensure a fast loading web page.
  • Edit, cropping, modification or adjustment of images needed.
  • Ensure the usability and credibility of web pages.
  • Coding of HTML / XHTML structure of your website and ensure it follows the latest web standards, look professional and modern.
  • Coding the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) of your website pages.
  • Encoding of all your initial page contents.
  • Creating the Navigation Menu and all the initial website pages you need for your website.

Website Redesign

A little known fact is that like many other systems a website also needs to be periodically redesigned and revamped. This is because many parts of the system such as technology, security, design and functionality can quickly get outdated. At the pace at which online technology is growing this is even more accelerated.

When is a website revamp necessary?
  • The site's design has become obsolete and looks old especially in comparison to competitor websites
  • The site's technology is old and does not take advantage of the latest advances in online technology.
  • The site's security is compromised and needs an overhaul to protect against hackers, spammers and malicious viruses.
  • The site was not well constructed from the beginning and the mistakes can no longer be tolerated in these highly competitive times.
  • We can review your current site (audit), suggest appropriate measures and then revamp the entire site's design and functionality.

For more information on our Website Design, Website Development & Website Maintenance, please complete the online Inquiry form, or send an e-mail to supportmindreaderssoftware.com