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Mind Readers Software is One of the best brands in the software fields with a intermingle of technical proficiencies, proven methodologies and including customer services also. Mind Readers Software has been on the growth path, with path-breaking visual IT solutions ever since it stepped into the Software field in the year 2014. Head office in Chennai, Branch offices are located at Madurai and Tirunelveli. Mind Readers Software make powerful its workforce to deliver extraordinary solutions exceeding customer expectations. At Mind Readers Software, business goals and principles are specifically designed towards building value to our clients through our products and our services also. Over the 3 years, our individuality has developed as we have embraced the new and advanced technologies in line with the changing global dynamics.

Mind Readers Software is one of the lowest service providers in Tamilnadu. Mind Readers Software’s ultimate aim is to satisfy our clients’ needs and desires. Our aim is not only money. We are giving first preference to Our Customers Satisfaction. We are providing all services like we designing, hosting, internship programs and shopping sites and also we are providing GST registration service. We are having Own Server Builder. We are providing not only software services, Providing from lower case services to upper case services. Mind Readers Software is one of the global service providers in Tamilnadu. Mind Readers Software’s team has multiply across the sphere supporting onsite and offshore services faultlessly. The company’s diversified work culture has enabled successful memberships with several leading organizations globally.


Mind Readers Software is a forthcoming and passionate team of specialists in all areas of website design in various fields, web development, and content management systems, SEO, mobile compatibility, web marketing, hosting and all global services and also much more.

In 3 years of business we've worked with over 250 customers and created close to 300 quality websites. We pride ourselves in building and maintaining customer relationships, creating great digital products, ultimate services to our clients and enjoying life at the same time.

We live and work in a new world. One where there are no more singular events or isolated actions. Where everything and everyone is interconnected.We always aspire to provide Internet Solutions that reflect our client's timescales and budgets. We take our time with our customers make ensure, we are always in a position to deliver the most excellent results. Our interior aspire is to always provide customer satisfaction. We use the incredible power of our integrated perspective to collaborate not only with each other but also with our clients and partners. In the ever changing world of Internet products we see our role as the "go between" by explaining any new initiatives in a forthcoming and terminology free fashion allowing our clients to make updated and commercial decisions securely.