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MindReaders Software is a Mobile-friendly websites offers your users a great experience. As the name implies, a mobile website is designed specifically for mobile devices. It's a completely separate design, and it often requires a separate content structure. If your target audiences often search on mobile devices, then it is imperative to make a great site for your mobile visitors. If your current website is meeting your desktop users needs but falling short for your rapidly growing base of mobile visitors, we can help you.

In the last 2 years, there have been a growing number of mobile users who browse shop and share using the mobile internet. Half of Facebook's traffic is also generated via mobile devices. With the consumer base shifting to the on-the-go devices, your business needs an impressive mobile site as well!

Earlier, iPhone was primarily the main traffic generator for many websites but today, people are accessing different mobile websites on different mobile phones running on Android, Windows and other internet phones.

MindReaders Software offers a based custom mobile web design solution to get a responsive website for your business. A mobile-friendly website is need of the hour today and helps you get your business noticed even on a mobile device.


  • Simpler than full-fledged website.
  • User-friendly with bigger fonts and images.
  • Easily identifiable calls to action
  • Concise and precise information
  • Conspicuous website tabs, buttons and sections